Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our Birthday Girl

Today is ReaRea's birthday, how is it that twelve years can simply sift through your fingers just like sand at the beach? I've struggled all day yesterday and today with what to say about Rea, how to capture her personality in a brief way - to convey her complexities and how special she is to us, but I just don't think I can. And frankly, I think she's probably like the kid next door; or your kid. She's pretty fabulous - to us. But so is yours, so enough said.

We love her heart and soul. Warts, toads and beautiful blue eyes. Wicked laugh. Every last inch.

However, I couldn't resist a little walk down memory are a few of my VERY favorite pictures of Rea.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Rea I said Happy Birthday and lots of lov! Nina
P.S. She looks real good in Pats Tub lol (and all other pictures too)