Monday, January 12, 2009


I have a group of great girlfriends – they are a collection of people that I have met since we moved here over eight years ago. We don’t have an extensive history and it’s a lot fun to learn about each other; and sadly I happen to be the oldest of the group. I’ve been married the longest and have the oldest child.

A couple of my friends have two year old little girls and I suppose that time glosses over the terrible twos; or perhaps my girls were just a little easier. But I can’t help but look back and think of a lot days and situations where I wouldn’t gladly go back to that time. Compared to middle school and high school drama, those days were a walk in the park – I’d take a two year old any day over the passive-aggressive cruelty that a diminutive twelve year old can dish out on my girl.

In retrospect, there were things that I got all caught in when my girls were babies, (and I wasn’t even that uptight), and now I wonder why I even cared. Maybe a nap didn’t happen or perhaps their hair wasn’t combed - I've since discovered that in the grand scheme of life that those things didn’t really matter. Those were things I was just trying to control and the most horrible and hurtful things would happen and I wouldn’t be able to help or stop them at all.

So, from my perspective having a Terrible Two would be a good thing. Those in fact, were halycon days.

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aimee said...

love you! You just brought me to tears.