Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stand back, he's gonna blow!!

About three years ago, Oscar had an unfortunate run-in with a motor vehicle, which there-by caused us to have an unfortunate run-in with a $1,200 vet bill. All of which accounts for the rather eerie glow out of Oscar's right eye - he's now blind on that side. And we mean it in the kindest way possible; but, Oscar, he just ain't right anymore.

Since cold weather has set in, Oscar has decided to be super affectionate...which is a new development. He's always been loving, but sporadically and at a distance. Now, he wants to sleep ON TOP of me. He wants to sit on my lap or share my chair while I compute. I try to get him to sit next to my computer so I don't have to hold him, because when he relaxes and starts to slip off my lap he digs his claws in and that hurts, A LOT. Then he wants to walk around and rub on the computer, rub on the lamp, rub on the picture frames, (you get the idea), and now the A key and my Tab key on my computer aren't working right. I think he's stomped them into oblivion.

But this brings me to the biggest issue with Oscar - one of the residual problems from his accident is that his sinuses are crushed. He ALWAYS has a snotty nose. You just never know when he might SNEEZE. You can be laying there asleep and all at once - he sneezes and slings cat snot everywhere - it's a joy to behold. He slings it on my books, I had to wipe it off my computer screen this morning. Danny and Syd avoid him like the plague.

I feel sorry for him, but not as sorry as Rea, she wants us to have his sinuses repaired. Sorry, but that answer is a resounding "NO"! Oscar has gone over his out-of-pocket medical limit and will just have to live with his sinus condition. However, she will let him in her lap but says, "You just never know when he's going to blow!"

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