Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh! Mama, please, pretty, please...

Look at these cute little gingerbread ornaments I bought at the Wal-Mart(s) the other night. We brought the bags in the house, sat them in the floor and began unloading them and that's when Nelson spied the the little men.

I took them away from him a couple of times and before I knew it he had nabbed one of them and had run, run as fast has he could to his lair and laid claim to a gingerbread man.

Well, I kinda sorta had plans for the gingerbread men, because, in fact, they are gift card holders - they have a small slot in their backs for a card. And while I only paid two bucks a piece for them, I didn't fancy the idea of him annihilating the cute little guys.

So, I took them away from him and hung them on the tree. [Yes, I know that you are surprised to hear that we finally have a tree, but you know, we wanted to savor every last moment of the holiday season, so in that vein, we took our sweet time about decorating our tree, there was no sense in rushing it.] I thought the tree would be a perfect place for them - out of sight, out of mind.

A little bit later I could hear Nelson barking and growling like he usually does when his very favorite, super-duper, orange, ping pong ball is trapped under the couch. This is where I found him:
He had discovered the gingerbread men on the tree and he begged and he pleaded and that little dog cried for nearly forty-five minutes for those stuffed gingerbread men.
I got worried that he was going to climb the Christmas tree for them; eventually I took them off and hid them. I gave him treats and a new piece of rawhide, but he still was not happy - by this time he had realized that there was a small herd of fuzzy, stuffed lambs on the tree and if he couldn't have the gingerbread men, well then, he'd just take them

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