Friday, December 19, 2008

Birthday Twofer...

Things are going a little crazy around here, I won’t bog you down with the details, because, hey, I am absolutely positive that you have your own dose of holiday crazy to deal with. But, IN all of the holiday crazy I forgot a special birthday on Monday and now today I have another one.

In a way, it seems fitting though that I’m doing one post for both birthdays though – because they really are a two for one, bookends if you will. I’m talking about Danny’s parents: Bob-Bob and Shirley.

Bobby and Shirley were both born in 1939 and graduated from high school together (check them out on the top row, Shirley on the right as secretary, Bobby as vice-president). Their 50th wedding anniversary is fast approaching and they raised two wonderful sons.

They have been so good to me through the years: kind, generous, understanding. I feel fortunate to have them as In-laws, my girls are lucky to have them as Grandparents.

I love you both…

FYI: Want to further complicate this scenario? Check out the second row from the bottom, very last guy - that's MY Dad.

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