Friday, December 5, 2008

Kittin' Sittin'

Today was our second day of kitten sitting - and it's been fun. This little guy has tons of personality; he and Nelson have forged a pretty good friendship.

This is the first time that Nelson has been around a cat that is smaller than him and he doesn't quite know what to think. He likes to chase Vivi and Oscar and always pushes his luck with them, but you had better believe when they have had enough he turns tail and runs - crying all the way!

I wish this picture was better for you, but the battery in my big camera was dead - they were wrasslin' by front door. The kitten never missed a beat with his purring.

The funniest thing though, when the kitty gets tired of Nelson he jumps up on the dining room chairs - Nelson doesn't understand that he's not the same size and keeps doing the same. It reminds me of an overgrown kid trying to ride a tricycle or, he keeps whacking his head.

Poor,dumb dog...


Terry said...

Better start pickin' out a name.

Anonymous said...

I say that you keep him! Forget the 3 cat house rule....

P.S. Or I'll trade him for Lizzie. : )