Saturday, December 20, 2008

O Tannenbaum

TA-DA! I just wanted to prove to you that we finally did get our tree done. While I don't particularly enjoy putting it up, I do have a small weakness for ornaments and have a tendency to buy them after the Holiday season starts and keep sticking them on the tree.

I can't tell you how much I would like let go and splurge on Radko blown glass ornaments - I lust over them each year, but have visions of the cats climbing the tree (as they've been known to do) and all of the overpriced glass being smashed to bits. Oh, well.

Although she looks very pretty, Shelley was not happy to pose for this picture. In her younger days she was quite the model, happy to do my bidding for most anything. Nowadays she reminds me of an old lady at a rest home - petulant, stubborn and so contrary.

Enjoy the tree - other wise all of our cussing, wailing and slinging snot will have been for naught!

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Kathy Drummond said...

This reminds me of your MJ house with the bookcases. So inviting...makes me want to sit with a cup of coffee and read for hours on end : ) And of course, your tree is beautiful! Shelly is the perfect ornament!