Tuesday, December 30, 2008


My niece Leana-san got this fancy silk number from Janny for Christmas.
My Mom bought the outfit as a gift for LeeLee, but also as a bit of a surprise for Harmony, her maternal grandmother. While both sides of my family are Kentucky tobacco farmers and moonshiners as far back as we can trace, Leana can claim more exotic blood. Harmony (or more correctly Halmoni as I learned from Google) is from Korea and that’s who Leana can thank for her beautiful dark hair and eyes.

Harmony has taught Lee Lee to count to nine in Korean, (“I know not why she didn’t teach to me to count to ten”). And Janny and I amuse ourselves by asking Leana to identify body parts in Korean…and yes, we become very juvenile about the parts we want to know!

Leana is learning to like many Korean foods; she loves kimchee and gim, whatever that may be. She love, love, loves sesame oil and names many other things that I can’t begin to remember or spell.

I’m really glad that Harmony is teaching Leana about her culture, it’s not something that she did much with Leana’s mom. I guess maybe when she first came to live in the U. S. it wasn’t something that seemed important. Maybe now that she’s older and more comfortable here perhaps it easier.

I just think it’s cool for Leana.

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