Monday, June 23, 2008

Squirrel Squadron

The Brigade agreed to take a break from patrol of their borders for a photo op. They take their duties very seriously and maintain tight control - keeping the area clear of pedestrians, neighbors, other dogs and squirrels.

Scout is special ops for H2O, he protects us from the underground sprinkler heads.

Trooper is a feline special forces guy, but calls in Nelson and Scout as needed.

Nelson reconnoiters for meter men and Syd's boyfriend.


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Rea said...

This is rea saying a dog has to go though special tests before he or she can be in a brigade or squadron these tests are expecialy tough like the little kid dress up test and the most grouly not peeing on the carpet test and what not.This is for dogs 1 and over shelley is a retired special op put in our family to watch over me and syd. There is a cat brigade for snaking, getting birds, bunnies, and of couse mice and rats. All our cats are in these groups but only ben is retired but is called on when needed. Scruffy, the neighbors' deceased dog, was a squirrel op in training. That is all for now.