Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Cat's Away

Well, Danny is out of town and I'm engaging in some of my favorite activities!!

I guess you are thinking that I've slipped out to get a massage or that I am getting a pedicure or a manicure. Or perhaps I'm just lounging around in my p.j.'s until just before he pulls back in the driveway.

Nope - I'm pressure washing. That's right. I have a pressure washing fetish, I love to pressure wash, and I got my very own, gas pressure washer for my birthday about four years ago. It's red, it's cranks really easy, and I LOVE IT!

The problem is this, I ruined the deck with it the first year I had it. It cost us $700 to have the deck resealed. I've also chewed up the driveway - it needs work now, which will probably be very expensive. My pressure washing habit has proven to be costly.

But I just LOVE the immediate gratification you get when you pressure wash. ONE SWIPE. Dirt gone. My friend Debbi shares my fetish, she loves to pressure wash as much as I do. We have plans to open a spa one day, part of the therapy there will involve pressure washers. Each woman will have her own - and a dirty stretch of concrete to take her frustrations out on.

So, back to Danny, my pressure washer is pretty much off-limits now days (for obvious reasons), but since he's in Cincinnati, I'm washing my little heart out!

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I'm Baaaaaak!