Friday, June 6, 2008

Eyes in the back of your head

The girls and I, plus Syd’s friend Sarah, along with my Mom and niece Leana are on the way to beach. We’ve driven a good bit of the way and have decided to make a pit stop in Montgomery.

After dinner the siren song of the hotel pool was just too much for Leana to resist (she’s only six), so Rea went on down with her, while Mom and I got a couple of things together. When we got down to the pool a couple of minutes later, we walked in on a bit of confusion that was a little hard to sort out. There were several families in the pool and apparently one small boy had mistaken Leana for his older sister. We all make honest mistakes, but, his mistake was that he snuck up on Leana and then JUMPED her and then proceeded to try and DROWN her as only SIBLINGS can! Needless to say, Leana was just a little shocked. There were several parents at the edge of the pool, pulling him off of her, but she was let’s say - discombobulated.

Mom and I are thinking that Leana will never be the same, that she may need counseling. Small hotels next to the interstate may trigger panic attacks in the future. Who knows?

I am sure she’ll be watching little, blonde headed boys, that are missing their front teeth pretty damned close.

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