Monday, April 21, 2008

Frog Summit

Remember a day or two ago I told you about the frog purchase that some adult failed to supervise? Well, that adult thought she was buying a DWARF African Frog, like the size of her pinky nail, and that it was going to swim in water, and eat fish flakes and be all cute and stuff. Well, that adult was too busy commiserating over the homeless cats to go look at the LEOPARD frogs and let her eleven year old purchase a frog the size of a TOAD. The frog ate crickets and meal worms and earth worms and probably cockroaches too. Rea was trying to house this thing in her tadpole habitat and from the looks of things it was going to outgrow that habitat pretty fast, like Clifford the dog, but in a Clifford the FROG kind of way.

I was not happy about this frog purchase and readily admitted that I had dropped the parental ball and after much negotiation, Rea and I reached an agreement to return the frog to the pet store. So, yesterday after church we drove and hour (yes, an hour, for a $5.00 frog, with gas at $3.47 a gallon, you do the math). When we walked in with the infamous white box the staff immediately thought they had an expired pet on their hands, but alas, it was just a matter of a poor pet fit. They accepted the poor leopard frog back into its previous home with open arms and happily refunded us our money. Now came the time to pay the piper.

My deal with Rea involved a replacement for the leopard frog. First she suggested a tree frog, after further investigation I determined that they too required LIVE bugs to survive, and a large habitat with DIRT and such and the answer was nope. Next she moved on to a beta fish, which I know would have been very easy, but has anyone but me noticed how lonely those fish look? Living in that little bitty bowl day after day, I just didn’t want to have to look at it so I suggested that she look for something else, something with FRIENDS. Then she moved to goldfish, I was kind of open to them, but remembered having them before and that they really pooped A LOT. So I steered her toward the guppies.

We are now the proud owners of six (oops, five) guppies, in a brand new aquarium, complete with new rocks, a plant, a NO FISHING statue, a net, food and water treatment. Don’t ask for the first guppy babies because I have already promised the first ones to my niece - just ask my Mom.

There should be plenty for the rest of you.

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Anonymous said...

This is rea again and i am announcing he purchase of a dwaf afician africain oh whatever a little water frog Rambo the thid to go with my fish