Friday, April 25, 2008

Bamboo Fork

Is there something in your house that your children fight over? A particular position in the car, a place at the table or some privilege?

There are other things they fight over (the center roll out of the Sister Schubert's pan, is among them), but one object in our house, that both girls have seemed to covet highly is the BAMBOO FORK.

Lying in our utensil drawer, among the nice everyday stainless that I got as a wedding gift, is a lowly fork, in a BAMBOO pattern, that arrived in the mail once upon a time. You remember those mail offers? One piece of flatware would be glued down inside some rebate or something, perhaps from that Fingerhut company, and somehow the BAMBOO FORK is still around after all these years.

Many war has waged over who got the fork first, who had it last, whose turn is today, and many incidents of it being switched from one girl’s place setting to the other. Their Dad and I are not above joining in on this, often grabbing the fork from the drawer, just to say, “Nah, nah, I got the BAMBOO FORK!”

These days most everyone leaves the fork alone though. Sometime ago I asked Rea to set the table, she got everything put down, saved the BAMBOO FORK for last and proceeded to LICK every last inch of it. She then laid it at her plate and loudly announced what she had done – her competition for the BAMBOO FORK pretty much ended then. Syd never knew when the fork had been offended and she wasn’t taking ANY chances!

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