Thursday, April 17, 2008

Frog Legs Anyone?

After Christmas, Rea my youngest daughter, bought an Uncle Milton’s Tadpole Habitat with some of her Christmas money.

You remember dear old Uncle Milton, he’s the dude that provided years of torture for parents with his ant farms. Now he’s branched off into tadpoles, and just like the ant farms, you are on your own when it comes to finding residents for said habitats.

We have ordered tadpoles online TWICE to the tune of $16.95 a pop.

After about a SIX WEEK wait, two tee-tiny tadpoles arrived. One was DOA in his little glass tube. The other went to meet his maker the following morning.

DOA’s replacement, plus two buddies, arrived in the mail about two weeks later. They went to the great pond in the sky the next day as well.

Not much can be said for our tadpole nurturing skills.

So today we happen to be in Petco. I’m totally preoccupied with the homeless cats that are available for adoption (imagine that). Rea comes over and says “Mom, they have African frogs, they’re $5.99, can I have one?!?!). At this, point, after this much money, I’m thinking, sure, why not? Let’s skip the tadpole stage. Cut to the chase. Just get the frog. Buy a tee-tiny little frog. Tee-tiny little life span. No problem.

Rea goes to get the frog, I continue to fret over the cats, we go check-out (I have to sign a form - Can anyone say red flag here?). Said frog is in a white box, we get in the car and come home.

This is the frog. There should have been an adult present for this purchase.


rhondagr said...

You really needed to be Kyle's mom. He called me the other day from Orschelyns wanting a rabbit! I said no, no and no! ; )


Nelson's Mama said...

This is rea hacking on to your laptop i said it was a leopard frog mom !