Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Addiction

Before Christmas my computer addiction was ramping up and was already threatening my day to day activities in a major way. If computers were a drug I would already be in Betty Ford and in a twelve step program, but since they aren't a chemical I'm still here with my family.

Then my husband, the enabler, bought me a BEAUTIFUL laptop for Christmas. This computer is the bomb, it's red, has a huge screen and best of all, has a built in 10-key numeric pad. You can tell an accountant bought numbers across the top for us. We want those big old numbers on the right, so we can go to town while we're ciphering, and best of all, entering our credit card number!

Just before I got my new computer I discovered blogs. Apparently I'm really late on this discovery, but it's been fun, and I've wasted lots of valuable time finding ones I like and then reading ALL of their archives. I also have annoyed my friends by emailing them the ones that I like (which have been QUITE a few).

One very, very dear friend, has been encouraging me to start a blog of my own, so here it goes. This will be nothing more that rantings, ponderings and mostly things that I find funny, because that's what I love, funny stories.

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rungirlrun said...

WOW! I think I could become addicted too if I had that kind of computer. I could order many more things with that fancy number pad to speed things up!