Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You've Been Flocked!

We woke up one morning to a surprise flock of flamingos on our front lawn. We thought maybe they'd come to join the pair that Rea had bought at Walgreen's last year.

It's funny, the girls and I didn't know that the musuem was kicking off a fundraiser involving trailer trash birds and had spent the better part of a week tormenting Danny with them.

Each afternoon when he came home the flamingos would greet him from a different place in the yard - and he would stalk out there and yank them up and hide them in garage, then we'd find them again and repeat the process.

And then - whadya know! We got a whole flock!

It cost us some moula to have those long-legged birds removed from our yard - but it was fun scheming about whose lawn they would roost in next.

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one crafty mama said...

thanks for not putting them in my yard! hey, see ya at soccer