Monday, August 17, 2009

A Facebook Snafu

Okay. So, you know that I love Facebook. And mostly I'm a lurker; I hide out in the Facebook shadows and watch with wonderment at all of the things that go on there.

I'm slowly, but surely accumulating a respectable cadre of friends. I passed the 300 mark a couple of weeks ago - and when that happens that means that there's a pretty good chance there's somebody in the bunch that you just don't know that well.

Let's take for example, Teddy G. Over six months ago, Teddy G. asked to be my friend - we had lots of mutual friends, and we graduated in the same class in high school. I will say though, Teddy had the year of our graduation wrong, but I politely refrained from sending him a comment and correcting him. And we've been friends ever since.

I spent a good bit of time though, pouring over Teddy's pictures. Poor Teddy G. had changed...he seemed to be dying his hair. The brothers that he'd been close to growing up, were no where to be seen in any of the family pictures he posted, nor were they in his friends list when I scanned it. Poor Teddy's family seemed to have suffered a serious rift - I felt terrible for him.

Yesterday, Teddy G. posted something else and as I glanced at it, I finally realized that I.DON'T.KNOW. Teddy G. we did go to the same high school. He's absolutely correct about the year of his graduation. I do think it's entirely possible that he knows me.

But, when you friend someone and are THINKING it's Teddy D., and keep thinking it's Teddy D. for over six months, it completely explains why he might look just a LITTLE DIFFERENT.

It also makes complete sense now as to why Teddy D.'s brothers, Jesse and Andy, aren't in Teddy G.'s Holiday pictures.

Whew. I'm going to bed now.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! You do know his brother -- Roger Garland who WAS in class with us. : )