Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

We hear a lot these days about paying it forward and performing small acts of kindness for one another. Sadly, we don't often get to witness those small gestures of kindness or take the time to do them ourselves.

Today, I helped count money at Rea's school for their magazine fundraiser. For every magazine or $10 of sales they turned in, their name was entered into a drawing for prizes - they also could earn a trip to Opry Mills Mall on Friday.

As we were finishing up our totals for the day, a sixth grade teacher came into the conference room where we were counting and wanted to see the list for his class. There's been some good natured competition between some on the teachers and I thought he wanted to know his final totals; but he quickly glanced down the list and then pulled out his wallet.

This teacher - who's been teaching long enough to completely sick AND tired of fundraisers (and probably could retire) wanted to be sure that ALL of the kids in his class had a chance at the prizes.

Rea's school has really been focusing on "Character Counts". Seems to me they don't need to look very far for a role model.

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