Thursday, August 6, 2009

Don't mind me while I scratch

I'm a country girl - and as a result - I've had more than my share of poison ivy, ticks, mosquito bites, deer ticks and even a pond leech or two.

But let me just say - right here - right now - that I have been blissfully ignorant when it comes to chiggers. Those little bastards are evil, they have made a five course meal out of my body, I even have chigger bites in places that it's not polite to blog about.

And to top it all off - I believe (and you can laugh if you'd like) that I have given Nelson chiggers.

Monday night was one of the longest nights that have I put in since my girls were babies. I ended up on the couch, scratching and digging at myself until I drew blood and then at about 1:00, Nelson began running around the house like a demon dog. He'd flop down and rub his face on the floor, then roll on his back, then turn over and scrub around and groan. He snuck out the cat door TWICE before 4:30. He ran from the couch to the chair to the ottoman and back ALL.NIGHT.LONG. I even gave him BENADRYL and it didn't help.

My friend Google and I have been doing a little checking today and while uncommon, chiggers are known to jump off of a person onto another. Chiggers bite dogs too. Nelson laid in my lap after I got home Sunday and then slept next to me that night. I am convinced that I have infested My Boy Nelson.

And from the way My Boy has been scratching, it looks as if those little beasts bit him where it's not polite to blog about either.


Kelly said...

Sorry to say my hysteria comes at your and Nelson's expense, but that's the best laugh I've had today.

Kelly said...

P.S. Ken said to put kerosine on the bites....i don't think I would follow that advice.