Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An' the Gobble-uns 'at gits you

My Mom loves cemeteries - I seriously believe that I've been drug to every one in Calloway, Graves and Marshall counties. I've traipsed across fields, waded through poison ivy, tip-toed across graves that have fallen in and have been told a thousand times to be careful around headstones because I might get hurt.

Through the years though, I must say, that I've developed a passing interest in cemeteries too. They hold so many stories that I wish I knew.

I was home this weekend for a Family Reunion and we went for a quick cemetery junket to one of my very favorites - Asbury. We loved to go there in high school and turn off the car and then see who had the nerve to walk through the graveyard - I was never brave enough to go very far!
January's ice storm was brutally unkind to Asbury, many of the huge cedars are now broken and dying. Many trees are still down, someone has cut many of them up, but the logs are still laying in the cemetery, making it impossible to mow. For years the canopy of the trees has restricted the light and kept the undergrowth down; now with so much sunshine coming in, the grass and weeds are quickly taking over.

And while the goblins didn't get me at Asbury, the chiggers did...those weeds provided an impressive home for those little monsters.

I may need a plot at Asbury.

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