Monday, February 23, 2009

I need to share with you...

I’m suffering from a loss and I’m in mourning. My dear TiVo is gone. We changed cable providers a couple of weeks ago and the new company doesn’t support TiVo and I’ve had to make a change. It’s been a long and arduous road and I’m not sure I’m going to make it. TiVO and I and had been together for over six years.

I long to see TiVo’s smiling face and his wavy little antenna’s, I miss the little bleeps he made every time I moved through the menus on the screen. I miss the kind viewing suggestions that he recorded for me when I had extra space. TiVo’s functionality was superior and user friendly, he would record by genre, or by Wishlist, even find movies by my favorite actor. I didn’t have spell out the COMPLETE name of a show to find it – not like on the NEW DVR, who isn’t even smart enough to know how to look for anything.

TiVo would delete programs with a single push of a button, but would magically save them in a folder for me in case I wanted to go back and change my mind about them. (I lurved that feature.) And can somebody tell me why the new DVR is not bright enough to know that it’s ALREADY recorded the same program like, THREE times. HELP ME!

TiVo also gave me a heads up and let me opt to stay on the channel I was watching or change and start recording something new…and a wee bit of time to do that. NOT this DVR, one minute I’m happily watching Big Love, the next I’m AUTOTUNEing to a new channel to record iCarly and is that OK? With OK being the only option. What if OK isn’t OK?

My last main issue with the DVR – that it’s nameless. What’s up with that? Couldn’t they think of something to call it? It’s a little like getting a dog from the pound and not naming it. It needs a catchy name, don’t you think? Something besides Box or DVR.


Anonymous said...

Oh well, I have no love loss with tivo Nina

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world!