Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Queen Spot

I drove to Metropolitan Moore county yesterday to have lunch with Danny - as I was making my way there I got behind a white, nondescript pick-up. And as I am wont to do - I was looking at the scenery, taking in the beautiful day, not paying good attention to what was in front of me and when I looked back around...there was a LARGE dog on the tool box in the back of the truck.

I was a little surprised at myself - there aren't many occasions that I miss an animal when it's on my horizon, but there it was in front of me, I was shocked that I hadn't noticed it earlier. The dog hung out on the tool box, but was a bit restless and then within a minute or two I understood how I had missed it - the dog stood up - and went back into the cab of the truck through the sliding back glass!

I followed the truck until I had to turn into Danny's work and pick him up. We decided to go eat on the court square and just as I was about to tell Danny about the dog AND turn into a parking spot - there hanging out on the tool box was the dog itself!
Meet Spot, she loves to ride on the tool box and gets to go to work with her human. (Sorry about the quality I made this with my cell phone.)

However, there were some Moore county boys from Danny's work at the deli who had the pleasure of knowing Miss Spot, bless her heart. I left there with the understanding that perhaps, maybe, Miss Spot might be just a wee bit fractious and that her tool box was her castle.

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