Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Honey, do you smell something?

If you ask me, I think My Boy is pretty much one of the cutest dogs ever - hands down. Sorry, but it's pretty hard to deny when you look at that face with the black bandit mask and his expressive face and eyes. You just have to admit that he is pretty darn adorable.

Adorable or not though, sometimes My Boy simply does not smell, shall we say, like a rose. That little dog can pack a powerful stench, especially right before his bimonthly trip to the doggie spa. Nelson does quite a bit of "off-roading" in our empty lot, plus other plain old dog busyness, he also suffers from skin allergies and CONSTANTLY scratches. All of these factors together greatly contribute to his general stinkiness.

It had only been a week since his last trip to the doggie spa, so last night when he came running into the bedroom and jumped up on my legs and I caught a whiff of something VERY unpleasant, it caught me a bit off guard. The longer Nelson was in the bedroom, the STRONGER the unpleasantness became and it very shortly became apparent that this ODOR was not simply a matter hygiene.

Nelson had been the victim of a drive-by SKUNKING.

Great, it was 8:00 at night, he HAD to have a bath and we HAD to figure out a way to cut the scent of eau de pole cat. I knew from a friend that our vet recommended Massengil Disposable Douche [Don't ask, I've Googled it and it's all over the web.] as the best remedy to remove skunk from a dog Since I didn't feel all warm and fuzzy about going to Walmarts and buying a cartful of douches and failed at persuading Danny to do it either. We jumped to Plan B.

I filled our bathtub with water and added a gallon of white vinegar and socked Mr. Nelson in to soak. After a good bit of soaking, we drained the tub and then lathered Nelson up with the Paul Mitchell shampoo (oh yeah, he's stylish like that) Janny got him for Christmas.

[As a side-note, you'd think someone that's being going to the groomer EVERY TWO weeks since they were a little bitty puppy would have a clue that they were not going to drown, melt nor go down the drain and would refrain from crying like a baby. Just sayin']

We drug Nelson out, dried him off and he smelled...better.

I think we got off lucky this time. The skunk who was traveling through our neighborhood just gave Nelson a shot across the bow, let's hope he learned his lesson and leaves those black & white kitties alone from now on.