Monday, January 4, 2010

Have you seen my mojo?

Hey Friends,

Hope this blog post finds each of you well, warm and settling back into some semblance of a routine. I don’t know about you – but I kind of miss the ebb and flow of my daily life. We’d been gone for ten days and I was ready to sleep in my own house and snuggle with my kitties. Nelson is still in Kentucky with his grandparents and his Uncle Gary, we miss him terribly, but from all reports, he’s living it up and making out quite well.

We left from Kentucky after Christmas, passed GO and drove straight to the beach and spent a week with friends in a wonderful beach house where we rang in the New Year with a shrimp boil. The weather was nice for a couple of days – cool, but good enough to walk on the beach and sit outside and read.

Several deranged souls participated in the “Wildcat Wash” on New Year’s Day. They claimed it was necessary to “Wash away the old, welcome the new”. I was a party pooper. I just couldn’t go there; it didn’t seem prudent to even stick my pinky toe in that water when I spend a vast majority of my time walking around looking like the Unabomber – indoors.

I’m searching for my blogging mojo; it seems to have been crowded out by something else. I plan on posting something each day for the rest January as I try to find it – I’m not sure where this ride will take us, but we shall see.

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