Wednesday, January 6, 2010


My Boy is back home after a long fifteen days away. He's quite fat and sassy though - he settled in and made himself quite at home with his Grandparents and I think there were a few long faces - furry and otherwise - when I pulled out of the driveway with him.

Nelson and I skedaddled on out of Kentucky this morning early, I wanted that 200 mile drive behind me just in case those predictions of snow they had been talking about for two days came true.

Today the drive took me three hours, but we've had the unique pleasure of driving it in bad conditions and it stretching to nearly seven - I didn't relish the thought of that again. Especially alone with only a Shih Tzu as my heating blanket!

But, my caution and the kids dreams of snow may be for naught. The Winter Storm Watch and has now be downgraded to an Advisory - seems we may just have to endure more of this bitter cold with nothing to show for it.

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