Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Aisle 13

Rea and I had to run by Walmarts on our way home from school Monday afternoon. Oh, the joy - fate and poor planning resulted in two trips to America's retail mecca in just as many days. I'd managed to hole up in the house from Thursday 'til Sunday and now...I was there again.

As I pulled into a parking spot, Rea spotted a very unusual couple walking toward the store. Now, I'm not sure how many of you follow peopleofwalmart, BUT, interpeeps, these folks were straight off the pages of that blog. Rea and I nearly broke our necks trying to get out of the Tahoe to catch up with them so we could take their picture.

We lost them after they got into the store, but a bit of good detective work on Rea's part soon located them in the granola section. From there they moved on and picked up a six pack of beer and after that they wandered aimlessly about the store.

Unfortunately, after much stalking, giggling and almost getting caught we were unable to get a good photo of the couple and will not be making our own personal submission to peopleofwalmart.

I've included Rea's photo for your viewing pleasure, sadly, you cannot see that the "gentleman" is sporting a plastic leprechan hat and a black t-shirt with a snazzy slogan that can't I recall.

I really loved the lady's ensemble with it's matching yellow cropped sweatpants & headband. She also had sunglasses that she never removed, black hightop sneakers and her hair was in "hinky knot" as my Mom would say.

Wonders never cease...