Friday, July 17, 2009

Woo Hoo! Don't you need a gross?!?

You’d think after taking delivery of ten pounds of gunpowder in the blazing heat of July; wrestling 40 pounds of buckshot out of the mailbox and recovering from heart failure after opening a stuffed pheasant, that I would cease to be surprised by any package that arrives at my home.

But, I must say I'm still wallowing this recent arrival over in my mind.

Behold: 40 USED Shotgun Shell BOXES.

According to the recipient, these boxes were an awesome deal! They were only $11 (WOW!), had only been "used once" and were "in excellent condition"!!!

Who knew?!?


Bill Yoder said...

I have some empty cereal boxes left over from VBS that I can let go for only $7.50 if you need em. Free shipping, today only!

Nelson's Mama said...

Don't know why they wouldn't work?? He could just drop his shotgun shells down in them!!