Monday, July 13, 2009

Nelson's Mama - MIA

I've been leaving you a little high and dry lately - lots of summer things going on, besides the fact that my computer has developed a serious tic. We're talking a snafu of epic proportion that's had me rebooting, Googling the issue, downloading drivers from the Dell home page and reloading drivers. Nothing has helped and it is frustrating beyond belief.

Neptune received his FOURTH new pump last week - he ought to be pretty pleased with himself. Maytag Man put his thinking cap on though and thinks he has outsmarted Neptune and devised a screen to stop money and other flotsam and jetsam from getting into the pump. One would think, you know, that the washing machine MANUFACTURER would put it's thinking cap and come up with a something like that and not leave it to a bean counter in Tennessee to invent such a thing. Gotta love my Maytag Man.

Six or so years ago we had our dark stained cabinets painted white - they have been long over-due repainting. I decided to tackle that job late last week, I'm STILL working on those damn things. Wish I had turned a blind eye to that chipped paint and waited 'til cold weather!

I have a kitty to tell you about, but need to get pictures of her. Have several stories to write for you, but need to get my computer straightened out.

Till then...

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Kelly said...

Good luck. Sounds like you're gonna need it.