Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I flipped across our local access channel today and caught a few minutes of a new cooking show. Some lady I didn’t know, was preparing one of Emeril's recipes in her very own kitchen. Maybe it’s just me, but I was oh so distracted by the industrial size Cascade (or could it have been Miracle Gro), spray cleaners, vinegar and stuff in the background. The big umbrella out the window was a nice touch too. And apparently she's never heard of kosher salt either. Poor Emeril would have been so disappointed in that iodized stuff she dumped in those red beans & rice.

Hey, ThomasP. Purple Winter Creeper = KUDZU. The euonymus. It.Grows.Like.Kudzu. Google Kudzu if you must! Danger Will Robinson!

I don’t have any special tips to offer up about Sea Monkeys. Syd is solely responsible for their well-being – as she is her father’s daughter, suffice it to say, she most likely READ the directions and has followed them TO THE LETTER. The downside of that is we still have the unfortunate little beasts.

I finished Who Stole My Church? last week, it was a quick read, but I am pondering and collecting my thoughts about the “book report” that I owe some folks (there’s a back-story there). I really enjoyed the book - it's just taking me some time to get a post together. I promise it hasn't slipped my mind and I'm not trying to get out of it - it just requires some quiet time.

Do you remember the other day when I posted about "Gopher Barky"? About three days later Danny walked into where I was sitting and said "What in the world is gopher barky???" Poor thing, I never dreamed that he missed out on so much because he didn't get to be a Girl Scout. So I sang: "The Lord said to Noah, there's gonna be a floody, floody..." to him. And then he REMEMBERED the song from his childhood days in VBS and blamed me for the ear worm he had for two days!

I have friends with daughters who are second-graders. I was with them the other afternoon and the two girls had a minor spat. One had her feelings hurt because she was told that she "couldn't count" (literally) and the other was called a "Figure of Mean".

Back last October, I told you about "visiting" Danny's work and their never-ending quest to keep the pond stocked with ducks. Well, by the time spring rolled around, once again, things were looking pretty grim for the duck population and they were down to one lonely male.

A flock of new babies are being raised and here's a snap Dan took from his Blackberry of the newest generation. Let's wish them well!

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