Thursday, May 14, 2009

FREE! To any home!

I don't recall for which occasion, but Rea bestowed Sea Monkeys to Syd as a gift. I really don't think there was love in her heart when she purchased said gift - she just needed a token gift for her sisty ugler.

The Sea Monkey package laid around forever and one day when she was bored Syd set up the Sea Monkey habitat. That's been MONTHS and MONTHS ago.

The Sea Monkeys refuse to give up the ghost. They are living their happy little Sea Monkey life, in their little Sea Monkey habitat and are even procreating...

Don't you want a Monkey of your very own?


one crafty mama said...

gee, I'd gladly take one except today we are in mourning for the loss of our hermit crab, crabby, who bit the dust sometime in the night after being de-armed by my precious child. no more pets for us ever!!

Anonymous said...

We have tried to "raise" sea monkeys twice with no luck. Any suggestions? CindyC