Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Little Chickadee

I'm officially declaring a start to summer - we've had our first bird in the garage. If I forget and leave the garage door up they think it's an open invitation to come on in - then the silly things fly 'round and 'round for hours on end.

Hummingbirds usually make their way in and we've gotten pretty adept at capturing them. They wear out pretty quickly and are willing to land on a broom or we catch them in a dip net. We have all had a chance to hold hummingbirds over the years as a result; and sadly a couple of them have died after being trapped too long.

This little chickadee got in yesterday and was mighty upset. She fussed and carried on the entire time she was in the garage - I finally had to close the big door, turn out all the lights, remove the screen from one of the windows and open it from the top AND put all the cats in the house.

After about four hours she made her way out...

P. S. I'm turning a blind eye to all of those cobwebs on that window, they are in Danny's garage. I expect you to do the same.

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one crafty mama said...

just yesterday we had a poor cobweb covered hummingbird in our garage-trapped! she wanted out so bad. i kinda liked her in there, she dusted for me!!