Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Alive and...

We all made it back from Memorial Day weekend in one piece. Shelley was a little worse for the wear - poor old dog just doesn't travel well any more, that long car ride is hard on her old bones. Nelson had himself a fine old time, as usual. We humans got to see family and friends, ate some good food and just hung out - but we were all really glad to get back home.

The end of the school year is here and things are really busy. Besides school stuff, Rea is playing on a tournament soccer team and that's taking quite a bit of time and I haven't had as much opportunity to blog.

On top of being busy, I have a major bloggy distraction too - there is a teeny, tiny bug inside my screen. He's somehow gotten INSIDE my computer and he spends his time happily meandering all over my computer screen; right now he's just over the Google toolbar and headed south. I spent a couple of hours trying to kill him before I realized that he was on the INSIDE of my beloved computer.

Now things are a little complicated - if I MASH him on the screen he will remain as a permanent blight.

If I continue to let him crawl on my screen I may go INSANE.

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