Monday, November 3, 2008

Good Morning Sunshine!

Man, was I glad to see the sunshine when I opened my eyes this morning!

I know that I am probably the only person in the central time zone that was ready for the time change – but I absolutely, positively, HATE to get up in the dark. It is just wrong. I like for the sunshine to wake me…and when it’s still dark (and not to mention cold), I just don’t move so well.

And I’ll just be honest here for a second, I kind of like it when it gets dark early. I know, the days are shorter and it’s no fun driving home in the dark, but we just seem to settle in better. Kind of like chickens I guess. Things quiet down much earlier than summertime, homework gets finished on time, we get our jammies on and get all snugged in; everything seems right with the world.

Looking back, perhaps it’s the fact that one winter my Mom read each and every Little House book to me, while something good for supper simmered on the stove. Maybe that’s why I still love the dark, early winter afternoons. I can put something good on the stove, pull my girls and Danny close and pretend that the craziness, slights and madness of the rest of the world just doesn’t exist.

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kris said...

hey, i am with ya dear...much easier to wake up at 6 when it is already daylight! check me out at