Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well, I just got back from my first trip to Chicago. Let me just step up and say – damn, it was COLD. I just don’t think I was cut out to live there; that wind just cut right through and it’s early November, winter hasn’t started handing the good stuff yet. I suppose you acclimate (and accumulate appropriate clothes as well), but I believe that I’ll continue to enjoy the balmy winter of good old Tennessee.

Danny and a group of guys went for work and I tagged along; a fifth wheel of sorts. I wanted to do some Christmas shopping since they were staying in a hotel right in the middle of “Magnificent Mile”. I went to Saks and Macys. I went to Nordstrom’s and Neiman Marcus. I went to Filenes Basement and Forever 21. I walked my legs off. My back hurt. I’m exhausted. I barely bought anything; I am still in sensory overload. Why is it that when you go intending to shop ‘til you drop that you can’t find anything you want? Why is it that the voice of reason takes over?

We spent one afternoon at the Field Museum peering through the glass at the poor unfortunate stuffed animals. They really bummed me out. Oh well. I did like the Egyptian exhibit though; those mummies were pretty cool, but just a tad creepy.

An interesting aside that I first noticed at the Field Museum and then later at Midway Airport is that there are no restrooms to be found. Now, facilities are available, BUT, all of the signs read TOILET. Is RESTROOM a Southern thing? Is toilet a Chicago thing? I have been in lots of other big cities and don’t recall toilet VS restrooms, maybe I just wasn’t paying attention. Granted I don’t rest much when I go in to use the toilet – and that word is more descriptive of the room and its function, but, don’t you think it sounds so, well, crude?

And every store, restaurant and hotel that I went in had huge revolving doors. Some fancy wood, others brass or polished chrome. But my favorite was the completely clear Plexiglas one at Forever 21; it defied my attempts to determine the exit, wherein I walked FULL-FORCE into said glass. It’s hard to maneuver into a revolving door when you are having a hard time standing upright. I don’t know what hurt worse – that huge knot on my forehead, or my dignity!

I had a great trip, ate some really good food, but am glad to be home.

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