Thursday, November 20, 2008

Farewell...Old Friends!!

Well, this morning some really nice gentleman from church came and picked up our old couch and loveseat. We donated it to Parish Nursing; an outreach of our church which provides assistance to families in our community.

But, I hope that my donation remains anonymous, because that couch had been seriously loved. It had been a part of our everyday lives for over eight years, it had been slept on, climbed on, peed on, puked on, walked on, clawed and probably things that I had not even been privy to. I was honestly hesitant to donate it; I was so ashamed of how it looked and frankly, of how it smelled. When you have furniture that has survived eight years, two kids, two dogs, a plethora of cats, plus two hamsters, there is just no way to account for how it will look in the end.

Rea got all sentimental about the old couch and loveseat – she didn’t want them to go. But, then she never wants me to give anything away, she wants to keep everything. Every old stuffed animal and toy that has ever entered her life, Syd may have gotten Danny’s OCD gene, Rea got his packrat gene.

The new couch and chairs came on Tuesday, and I am not loving them yet. They are leather (see bodily functions and pets above), and, even though I measured, they are JUST TOO BIG for the room. And, the darkness of all the leather, WOW. It's way different than it was on that little bitty swatch in furniture store versus how it looks on this BIG OL’ COUCH and TWO CHAIRS.

And one more thing, Ms. Furniture Saleslady, I have ice-water in my veins. LEATHER IS TOO COLD.

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Kelly said...

Yeah, the leather furniture in our living room is pretty much for summer time. By the time you warm it up, your butt is cold!