Thursday, October 16, 2008

A good old-fashioned baptizin'

Mama's good friend Judy related this story in an email the other day. It almost sounds like one of those too good to be true stories - one of urban lore. I'm still getting tickled just trying to cut and paste it out of my email to share it with you:

One of the funniest things that was not funny was there was a man Ed Crowder who was to be baptized. He weighed over 400 lbs and was terrified of water. Brother Vaden was a tall, strong man and was determined to sock him all the way under. The fight was on. Our baptistry has about a 12 inches of glass at the top. Mr. Ed would grab it every time he started down. Brother Vaden was getting impatient and the congregation was getting nervous about the possibility of the glass breaking. Brother Vaden, when Ed got the glass, reached over pulled his hand off the glass and down they went.

By this time I could not contain my laughter from being heard. But I wasn't the only one. When Ed finally got back on his feet, I think most of the water was knocked out and Brother Vaden was totally exhausted.

Should that have been funny being such an important part of church service? I thought so. I don't think there was anything irreverant about the humor!

Thanks Judy! I loved that story...

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