Thursday, October 2, 2008

Janny's Big Day

Today we’re going to take a second and wish my Mama, Janice, a Happy Birthday! Nobody calls her Janice much anymore though, when Syd was a baby and just starting to talk, she dubbed my Mom, Janny, and that’s what all of the grandkids, their friends, my friends and honestly, me and most people call her now. Somehow it just stuck.

If you are wondering why I don’t have a current picture of Janny here for you it’s pretty simple – it’s because she hates to have her picture made. And quite frankly, she sabotages most attempts at making them. They would turn out better if she’d just sit still and smile once or twice. But instead, all I have are STUPID pictures of her with her arms in front of her face or her head turned – you get the idea. So, for now, if you need a visual, most people say “Wow, you look just like your Mom”. So, squint your eyes and age me twenty years and add gray hair. And if you want to subtract about fifty some odd years, Rea my youngest daughter is her carbon copy (I’m not even kidding, see for yourself, I think I birthed her twin).

My Mom has an irreverent sense of humor – which she passed on to me. When I find something funny that I know no one else will either get, or will think is inappropriate. I can count on her to laugh with me and there is nobody that I would rather make laugh. And I’ll just apologize now for BOTH of us. If you fall down around us, you better believe we’re gonna laugh – then we’ll help you up. Or dial 911. We just can’t help it, it’s in our genes. Bless our hearts.

And Lordy me, can Janny cook… Give the woman some pole beans, country ham and some sweet corn and she can work magic. I think Danny married me just so he could keep eating Janny’s cooking, or at the very least he was hoping that she would eventually teach me a thing or two about the kitchen!

Happy Birthday Janny, hope your day is a good one! I love you...

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