Monday, October 20, 2008


Saturday night a group of us pulled off something I never thought possible – we had a surprise birthday party for our friend Jo.

I didn't think we would pull it off…Chelsy and Bill had faith, I was a doubting Thomas. We were holding this shindig at Jo’s house. I just didn’t see how we were going to get tables, chairs and rented heaters delivered without her noticing. But you know what? She never saw that great BIG panel truck.

Bill tried in vain to convince her to leave the house on Saturday afternoon so that we could slip over and set up all of the rented things and decorate – but she refused. Instead, she went upstairs and took a nap!

So, we waited just a bit…set up all of our rented stuff, hauled out the pumpkins and the mums, iced down the drinks, giggled about whether she was watching from the upstairs windows and left. And do you know, she never KNEW A THING until 6:15?

Here’s a picture of our sweet Jo and Bill enjoying the festivities.

Jo has shown me so much about living life with grace, courage, determination and fighting TOUGH. If ANYBOY deserves to throw down and have a birthday party it’s that girl!


Laura D said...

You guys did a great job! A good time was had by all ~ except maybe Danny when the gas blew in his face!

Anonymous said...

AMen to the sentiments re Jo-am sad I missed the celebration! C