Thursday, October 23, 2008

I think he's developed the DT's

This is Danny's Big TV. Danny loves, loves, loves his Big TV. I think Danny loves his Big TV more than he loves, loves, loves me. But, for five, long, long weeks now THIS is exactly how Danny's Big TV has looked.
Danny's Big TV is in a vegetative state. It died. But Circuit City will not pull the plug on it, they have sent repairmen all the way from DECATUR, ALABAMA THREE times to fix it. All three attempts to resucitate the Big TV have failed. They refuse to admit that it is brain dead.

The last try was on Monday, now they insist that in must go to THE SHOP, in DECATUR, ALABAMA. But they can't pick it up until THURSDAY, between the hours of oh, say 7:30 and 5:30, would that be convenient?

Yo, Circuit City, you know those umpteen, receivers, speakers, TV's and TiVo's the Geek and I have bought over the years? This is all the thanks we get?

Gee, we'll be sure and remember you too the next time we are jonesing for something electrical.

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