Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello, My name is Nelson’s Mama

I am a Nose-Spray Addict.

I have been addicted to nose-spray for 19 years. Then, thanks to an intervention staged by a nurse practioner a few years back, with the help of steroids and the grace of the Lord Almighty, I've been in recovery and nose-spray free…until recently.

But sadly, I seem to have fallen off of the nose-spray wagon and am back to my old ways of late; I'm having a really tough time avoiding my old friend, the lure of the spray has just been too much for me and I've succumbed .

I truly thought I was past the days of paying $8.00 dollars for a bottle of nose-spray at a gas station, or that I would never again share nose-spray with someone else [yes, sprayers share – we are no better than heroin addicts – willing to stoop to unbelievable lows for that next fix].

But this week, I knew that I had officially fallen, relapsed – it hit me squarely in the face when I willing and knowingly ventured outside at 4:00 AM in nothing but a short-tailed gown and my Uggs to retrieve my purse from my Tahoe, because it contained my ONE and ONLY bottle of nose-spray.

That my friends, is desperation


one crafty mama said...

ohh, I am right there with ya on this, Sista. Love me some!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wonder how many times in our past that we have "shared"?? :)