Saturday, February 13, 2010

The age of majority?

Syd turns eighteen today - I've tried not to spend the morning reflecting on where those years have gone, but it's inevitable that my mind goes back to those first sweet hours the day she was born. We'd waited a long time for a baby and she was perfect. [Who am I kidding? What Mom says their baby isn't?] She had TONS of black hair, arrived looking as if she'd been tanning already and loved to snuggle. I was in heaven.

Had I known that she was going to projectile vomit EVERYWHERE for the next year or so, my enthusiam might just have been a tad less.

Somehome, Syd has mananged to survive all of our parenting snafu's and is now entering adulthood as a quiet, reserved, witty, shy, smart, beautiful, intelligent, practical, pragmatic, young woman.

Although I feel like our job as parents is far from over, she has reached adulthood - in a legal sense and I sincerely hope that we've done a good job of preparing her for life. Because, today she became able to do some Very Important Stuff like: sign a contract, serve in the military, vote, serve on a jury, and be arrested as an adult.

I feel like we've covered the basics points of life - please, thank you, laundry, driving, errands, getting up and getting to school on time, crossing the street and a checking account.

But somehow, when they gave us the baby handbook at the hospital it was missing a section on all this Very Important Stuff that we should have talked about long before today.

We need to get busy - we've got lots of makeup work to do.


Anonymous said...

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Jim Voorhies said...

At a work-related dinner with Jan Maddox tonight & I showed her Syd's photo - she couldn't believe it.

Kelly said...

Other than the Bible, I kept lookin for the manual on how to raise Michelle, but never did find it! Happy belated bday to Syd.

Anonymous said...
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