Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I like to drive fast.

It's a given. It's well known. I acknowledge it. I own it.

I have...a need for speed. And the tickets to show for it.

Kentucky. Tennessee. Alabama. And the Sunshine State.

And it's pretty much a given that each AND every time that I get behind the wheel of a vehicle that I most likely break the law and disobey the speed limit.

So, this morning on the "Today" show I see where 72-year old Great-Grandma Kathryn Winkfein received a $40,000 settlement because she was tasered during a traffic stop for driving 60 miles per hour in a 45 per hour zone.

Now, I'm sure most everyone reading will have a different position on poor Great-Grandma Kathryn.

But, here's mine.

It does not make me mad (usually) to be stopped for speeding; and I try not to make excuses for my speeding. I refuse to cry or sling snot to get out of a ticket, I will not invent an emergency to circumvent one either.

So, Grandma Kathryn's hissy fit is aggravating to me. Just sign the damn thing. Guess I could takes some notes from her and start resisting arrest and start daring the long arm of the law to taser me!

$40,000 settlements here and there would add up over time...

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