Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time to get real...

I know I’ve confessed like, a jillion times that I read a TON of blogs. And many of them just so happen to be “mommy” blogs with lots and lots of pictures of cute babies that truly make me miss the days when my girls were little bitty.

And when I look at all those pictures, there is one thing that really, really puzzles me. And I know that I’m probably going to get in some hot water here, but, I’ve avoided this issue as long as I can. So, here it goes: What in the hell is going on with all those HUGE bows and headbands? Right about the time I think they cannot get any bigger, or any tackier…they do.

I am no fashionista and have committed a fashion faux pas or two through the years, but, bless their hearts, don’t those mamas know those things are ugly?

One blogger mom I read was lamenting the fact that her 8-month old wouldn’t leave her “beautiful” bow in her hair! Help.Me. Oh how I wanted to comment and tell her it was because the other little babies were making fun of her Sweet Cheeks; that she’s embarrassed and humiliated! Those baby girls will NEVER live those pictures down...forget about throwing those snaps up for the wedding collage.

Now, one or two of these blogger lives in Texas and we all know how those gals feel about big hair, apparently it translates to baby headbands too. But, I am here to tell you, those women have never heard the adage LESS is MORE.
Putting fashion aside for a moment, let’s just imagine for a bit how those big old bands of elastic must feel squeezing your brand new bald head – squishing your developing brain - got to think it must throb. Migraine anybody?

Those headbands scare me …come to think of it, THOSE babies look scared!

Ladies, it is TIME to put down the headbands and slowly back away.


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