Thursday, September 23, 2010

Did I mention?

One of the major life events that I kinda, sorta let slip by during my blog hiatus was the fact that my oldest daughter graduated from high school.

Then left for college. Yeah.

We're all in the process of adjusting to college life - some of us better than others.

First Syd. Well, dorm life is not her cup of tea. She's an old soul and always has been; so the noise, the hub-bub and the messy roommates are truly trying for her. Syd is enjoying her classes and making great grades, however, the jury is still out whether she'll go postal on her roomies.

Rea, on the other hand, is living the high life. The first night that Syd was gone she showered in her bathroom, used the shampoo that she had left, rummaged through all her drawers and the closet and wore her sister's clothes to school the next day. I keep finding things in Rea's room that she has taken from her Syd's room - and to keep the peace I keep RETURNING them to their rightful place.

After an initial sadness, Dan and I are fine - especially since Syd is coming home EVERY weekend. She's very unhappy in her dorm, so as soon as class is over on Friday morning, she hits the road is back here by 11:15.

Then, she and I spend time together doing what has become "'our" thing - we cook.

It's become our mutual ground, something a few years ago that I worried that we'd never find...and it's a wonderful thing.


The Incredible Woody said...

What wonderful memories you guys are making during your cooking sessions! Wish I had some advice about those roomies...but I was one of the loud, messy ones....

Cindy said...

we seem to have raised a few 'old souls'...mine has been more fortunate with roomies, but has the same overall sentiments re dorm life.

Carmel and Terry said...

What time is dinner on Friday?