Monday, December 21, 2009

Odds, Ends and Merry Christmas

Things have been a little hectic around here, just like they are for everyone else. You know the drill - last minute shopping, addressing Christmas cards, not wrapping presents, watering our dead tree...

I've tried to refrain from washing anymore electronic devices in Neptune, the ride the remote to the Nameless DVR took rendered it completely useless. Because I'm the queen of procrastination and have been putting off going to trade in the squeaky clean remote, we currently have to use the family room remote in our bedroom too. Let me tell you, that's not inconvenient at all.

And I have a quick Life Lesson for you today: Televisions are absolutely unresponsive to cordless telephones - volume doesn't change, neither do the channels. Make a note.

I've been keeping my eyes peeled for the UPS guys - not because I was looking for a package - I wanted to take their picture for you. UPS has doing some of our deliveries using a snazzy, yellow, three-wheeled bicycle that is modified with a cargo carrier. They park at the front of our neighborhood in a Penske rental truck full of packages and then start pedaling around 'til they are through! I wasn't able to find any images, but did find this video below - apparently UPS started bicycle delivery again in 2008.

Danny is probably beside himself at this very moment - his Kentucky Wildcats just won their 2,000th game. Rupp Arena is awash in confetti - former coaches and past players are in the house and I have a lump in my throat as they play "My Old Kentucky Home".

Speaking of sports, I don't watch them much, especially college football. But, I keep noticing people commenting on Facebook and joining groups like "Tim Tebow Crying" and variations thereof. Now, I'm not an Alabama fan, nor am I a Florida fan. Like I said, I don't watch college football and don't keep up with it. But, what strikes me about the vitriol and negative comments is that they are from supposed adults - people old enough to be Tim Tebow's parent or at least his aunt or uncle. I can just only imagine how disappointed that 22-year old kid felt to have his college football career end as it did and if I were his Mom how my heart would have ached for him. Just a thought.

That's all for now! Be back in a few...

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