Monday, December 7, 2009

I cannot blog....

I don't have time to bring you any pithy stories or touching pet anecdotes because I am being forced against my will, by my family and society - to decorate a dead fir with little lights and shiny baubles.

Time has been short around these parts, no shorter for me than others, but needless to say it's been a little hard to come by these last few days. Since a Christmas tree that good Ole Saint Nick isn't even gonna see doesn't rank high on my priority list, Danny and I were really wanted to just skip that part of the holiday this year.

Unfortunately, I was outvoted by a majority and that certain majority has once again left me with this thankless task that I detest more and more each year.

The only family member that gets excited to see the decoration boxes is Vivi, the cat, and I think she was even a bit blase about it this time around.

Ho, Ho, Ho.

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