Thursday, April 1, 2010

They're marching one by one...

Lord have mercy, the ants are about to pack us off. We've been stomping, smashing, swattin', drowning, spraying and setting out traps for days now and I think those little devils are going to win yet.

Every spring when it rains we start finding a few ant trails coming into the house - but always in the oddest places, never where I would expect, like around FOOD. They come into the half bath and into the laundry room and occasionally they'll find the cat food. But, this year...they are on the kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, upstairs, downstairs, basement (oops, don't have a basement), crawling out of my computer, I even had one crawling ON ME!

We have a Bug Service and in the past, I would have called them and Glenn, my wonderful Bug Man FOREVER, would have run by and sprayed the house and the ant problem would have been solved.

But the Bug Service has moved Glenn to parts unknown and left me with a new and VERY ANNOYING Bug Man. I want Glenn back. I miss Glenn.

Glenn didn't feel the need to call me the night before to tell me he was coming to spray the outside of my house the next day - he just showed up and did his job. He was small, slight man (about my size in fact), a man of few words, a former Marine, but he knew his bugs and he didn't take any guff off Nelson.

Nor did Glenn feel the need to KNOCK on my door the next day and interrupt me while I was still in my jammies and drinking my coffee to tell me that was he here to spray the outside of my house. [Dude, you called last night, after eight years I recognize the truck]. Glenn, also never felt the need to KNOCK on the door AGAIN after he was FINISHED spraying the outside of the house to me a blow-by-blow of every pest and vermin that he had run across under the house and in the yard.

I also didn't have to explain to Glenn when our account was past due - he completely understood that the Bug Service was completely inept at properly apply funds even though we pay through AUTOMATIC DRAFT. Talk about creative accounting.

So, I'm either going to have to suck it up and call the new Bug Man, live with the ants or find a new Bug Service.

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The Incredible Woody said...

I vote for a new bug service!