Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just waiting for Jack Frost

My Mom was bemoaning this fact the other day - why is it that just before cold weather that your outdoor plants look their VERY best?

My neighbors are beginning to put out mums and such, but I'm hanging on to my pots. I drove to Huntsville (thank.you.very.much) to buy that scaevola (the blue stuff) and it's happy and the periwinkle is going nuts. And the bacopa hanging out of the back of the pots isn't doing too shabby either, the only thing that didn't do well were the geraniums and I think they just got crowded out.

I often wonder why I go to the trouble when I'm just going to have to watch them die anyway.


one crafty mama said...

girl, every fall, I drag all my plants back inside. Even my big honkin' ferns, hibiscus, and a rubber plant, and a couple tropicals that I can't bear to lose and put them in every sunny spot I can find. It works! They actually survive!

Nelson's Mama said...

I've done that in the past, but I hate the way ferns shed and I've already got several large houseplants that take up LOTS of space.